Nucleic Acid Aptamer for Diagnostic and Therapeutics

Module 1: Introduction of Aptamers and SELEX Technology. Basic Molecular biology, Central Dogma, RNA World Hypothesis and Darwin Theory

Module 2: Principal of SELEX and Types of SELEX Technologies

Module 3: Application of Aptamers and SELEX Technology.

Module 4: Bioinformatics and Computational tools for Aptamers Library and characterization

Module 5: Structural and binding characterization: In Silico techniques for aptamers characterization

Module 6: Biological and functional characterization of novel aptamers.

Module 7: Natural Aptamers: Decoding role in gene regulation

Module 8: Role of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) in aptamer selection

Module 9: Molecular Docking studies with Aptamer and Ligands

Module 10: Future Prospect and Innovation in Aptamers Technology