Computer Aided Drug Designing

This course focuses on frontier of drug design and development and in silico technical requisite from target identification to drug discovery and development. Drug development involves target selection, lead discovery using computer-aided methods combinatorial high-throughput screening. Our course includes fundamental concepts, technical requirement, in silico practices required in rapidly growing field of pharmacology. This course would create awareness and provide exposure to advance analysis (bioinformatics and computational tools) required for drug discovery and development of new medicine.

Module 1: Fundamental of Drug Discovery and Development

Module 2: Basics of Structural Biology for Drug Development

Module 3: Databases and In Silico tools for Drug Designing

Module 4: Target Discovery and Validation

Module 5: Molecular docking and Virtual Screening

Module 6: Ligand and Structure based Drug Designing

Module 7: QSAR analysis and Pharmacophore modeling

Module 8: Computer-Aided Drug Design of bioactive natural product

Module 9: Pharmacokinetics Studies and Drug Delivery

Module 10: Future Prospects