Foundation of Bioinformatics

Module 1: Introduction of bioinformatics, conceptual understanding about molecular biology and biological data. Current scope of bioinformatics and big data.

Module 2: Biological Data, Data retrieval and Databases (NCBI, EMBL, GeneCard, UniProt)

Module 3: Bioinformatics tools, server, pipelines and web resources for beginner.

Module 4: Similarity search and alignments on the basis of sequences (Multiple alignments and BLAST)

  • DNA Sequences: alignments and analysis
  • RNA Sequences: alignments and analysis
  • Proteins: alignments and analysis

Module 5: Phylogenic Studies and Clustal W

Module 6: Introduction to basic structural biology tools (MFOlD, RNAFOLD, JPRED.4 and RCSB PDB)

Module 7: Molecular Network and Interaction